Penny stock market – double your investment

If you are someone who invests their money in large, established companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and spol, and believe you will double your investment, you may be mistaken in the short-term.

Despite the fact these are high-quality and stable companies, which in the long run can be a real benefit for return on investment, there is usually a unit percentage annual increase, which exceeds 2% annual inflation. That said, when you invest like this, you can achieve good deposit and possibly improve your retirement.

However, if you dream of seeing your investment double quickly with these companies, you are investing in the wrong companies.

Those who desire a quick profit and are prepared to take the risk when trading CFDs, do not always achieve their desired goal. The loss on such an investment is more than certain. However, this does not mean that CFD cannot make you extra money.

To be successful, you need knowledge of the market, plenty of information and to be constantly at the computer or apka, monitoring developments.

However, there is a third option, which is not as risky as CFDs, and yet the chances of return on investment are higher than for large established companies. Let’s get acquainted with the Penny Market.

What is Penny Market?

This is nothing more than a classic stock market that you can trade on stock exchanges. We are talking about companies whose shares cost only a few pence.

For a few bucks, you can buy shares from various companies for less than one dollar per share. You can buy shares for one penny, i.e. $ 0.01, which is where the name Penny Market comes from.

You may be wondering why you shouldinvest in stocks that are probably worthless and with companies that you have probably never heard of. The answer is simple: because youwant to double your investment quickly and the development of the right titles can rocket. Not all cheap companies are operating illegally.

With a little research and monitoring, you may come across someinteresting information that, could help you with a little luck, double your investment in a matter of weeks.

There are a lot of cheap titles on the stock market, but finding those that can be traded, for example, in the Trading212 application, is a bit more complicated, not to mention finding some that are worth dealing with.

To make this search easier for you, here’s a list of companies under one dollar / pound to help you dip your toes into the water.We will update the list continuously. Our list now includes 30 companies trading in the Trading 212 application, both from the UK and US markets.

I invest in some of the companies on our list because I believe in their future growth. The titles Alpine 4 Technologies, Lightwave Logic, Renewi can be especially promising for the future.

Alpine 4 focuses on software development for the automotive industry, Lightwave Logic on data transmission and Renewi on waste recycling.

The Penny Market also comes with risks, and as fast as stocks can go up, they can go down. However, if you believe in the title you bought, then in the event of a potential loss, it is a matter of armoring yourself with patience and waiting for it to grow again.

What is important to remember: you only make a loss when you sell a stock. Until then, it is an asset that can continue to develop in both directions.

Notice! This article is not an investment recommendation. Investing in exchange-traded assets is inherently risky and can lead to losses. Each investor must do their own research and assess the level of their investment risk.


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