The Lord Charles Story


Born in Prague in the Czech republic, I am a huge fan of the band Queen and Michael Jackson.

Queen was the reason I started to love music so much and began writing my own lyrics when I was just 12 years old.

I offered lyrics to the publishing company Monitor/EMI – and while I enjoyed little success from this, it led me to learn to play the piano in a bid to compose my own music.

In less than a year, I contacted the same record company, only to receive another knockback.
Of course, this led me to devise ways I could record my own music with minimal funds.

Over time, I discovered software that allowed me to create electronic music.
A friend suggested I should buy a Yamaha CS1X synthesizer, which I did – and promptly fell in love with it.

Influenced by the Godfather of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre, I tried to emulate him. Today, he is a great inspiration – and my music dreams have got even bigger as a result.


It wasn’t long before I launched my debut album. Releasing it locally in 2009, it was published again under my own label in 2016, becoming available on popular music streaming websites the world over.

In 2017, I enrolled on an electronic music course at the SAE Institute in London. This motivated me to start work on my new album – 20 years after my original composition and EMI’s refusal of the five tracks I composed at age 17 for my EP album ‘The Composer’.

During the pandemic, I finally had the time I needed to complete my EDM instrumental album, The Code It contains brand new tracks as well as ideas from my teenage years, when I was experimenting with Yamaha CS1X. The tracks have been reimagined on Korg Krome and some of them are classical electronic music songs composed on just a computer.

What makes the album so special is the fact there is an encrypted code in one of the songs. When listeners decrypt it, they can read a hidden message.

I consider this album a revolutionary piece of music, at least in my career. I also recently published a politically-motivated cartoon music series called Tomahawk. Today, I am working on two brand new albums: a Czech one, and an English one – watch this space to learn more.



I have Instagram to thank for my passion for being behind a camera. Back in 2016, I joined the platform to pore over the work of other photographers – and before too long, I’d invested in a DLSR and started shooting my own material to publish via the platform.

After submitting my photos to a photo stock bank with little success, I was motivated to improve myself – and my photography – and I started to delve into the world of photo composition and camera settings.

Studying photography at London’s Westminster College, I graduated in 2017 and later fused my passion for travel with taking photos.

I honed my craft, snapping pictures on vibrant city streets, before collaborating with the Czech model and singer, Jana Kadeřávková – aka ‘Vanilla’.

On my first photo project, ‘Vanilla na hřbitově’ (Vanilla in the Cemetery), I combined two of my favourite things: gothic style and nude art. Expressing nudity and sexuality is still one of my favourite photography styles which you can see in my latest photography projects.

I am a very openminded person and I don’t have a problem talking about anything, expressing my opinions or even ‘shocking’ people with my art. I love the WOW or WTF effect, because it means I did it right.


During 2008’s recession, I led the marketing department of a Czech company with a £10 million annual turnover.

My crisis management and ideas had a positive impact on the company – and it was the only Czech electronics firm with no financial losses during this period.

Gaining experience in marketing, I decided to start my own business – an eCommerce and promotional company.

After a turbulent period of my life I decided to close my business in 2014 and gain new experience abroad. I started my own brand development company, where I create my own new brands and ideas, in a bid to transform or shape industries and hopefully make the world better for all of us as a result.

My life is driven by my visionary ideas, as well as the drive to give people financial independence. I’d also like to positively change the world, because that’s what I believe it matters: progress, freedom, independence.


I arrived in London in the summer of 2014 with just £17 in my pocket. I was looking forward to a new life in a new country; a life filled with adventures and opportunity

My first rolein the UK was in McDonald’s and that offered a lot of opportunities and experience, while improving my English, which still needs some help…comprende, amigo?

I fell in love in London, for its metropolitan lifestyle, its opportunities and the chance to meet new people from around the world. I also liked the fact you could enjoy a broad range of services, too.

I discovered and learned so many new things that made my life richer, but I am not talking about money here…yet.


I have so many passions and hobbies and I try to turn them into a profitable business. Yes, music and photography are just two of them.

I love writing, so I run my Czech online magazine and my blog here – and when I retire, I will finish the books I don’t have time to finish now.

I love steampunk culture and that became my look as an artist. I also love nature and walks, and I recently learned to drive a scooter, which became my new passion in life. Plus, it’s a useful way of getting around London, while being good for social distancing!


I have so many dreams and visions would like to offer to the world, because I believe there are so many fields we can improve for our planet, our society and ourselves. Sometimes I have a bad feeling that governments and companies don’t do too much for it and us.

We waste so much time, effort, energy and our money to (European) governments that are focused on frogs of war, instead of the most important things: progress and happiness. I don’t know if I will succeed with my business ideas, but I will definitely try. I can’t tell you everything now, but you can follow me or watch this space and when the right time comes, I will reveal my new plans or projects.