The Lord Charles Story


Hi, I’m Charles, Lord Charles. And yes, it is my artist name, the real one is boring. And I don’t like being bored. Yet, bored of ordinary mainstream life I turned into alternative lifestyle inspired not just an victorian age that creates my steampunk style but also affects my artistic creation as well as real life, but that’s a little bit private story, you might not be ready for it yet.

I was born in Prague, Czech republic which raised me as very open minded person for almost any topic but mostly helping me to work especially with noughty creative topics to express myself powered by absolute freedom and independence which I also enjoy in real life.

I created my own world fulfilled by love, friendship, fantasy that reflects exactly the opposite the real world is. Some of these ideas are turned into my creative art which you can enjoy on social networks, streaming services but especially on my website. I have always something to say or show, even if no-one listen or watch.

After a turbulent period of my life I decided to close my business Prague in 2014 and gain new experience abroad. I started new life path as well as company, where I create my own new brands and ideas, in a bid to transform or shape industries and of course entertain you and hopefully make the world better for all of us as a result.

Great you're here. Welcome in my fantasy creative world. Enjoy it.

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I do music, photography, film making and producing.

I am open for collaboration on new interesting creative project I could help you with.