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Lord Charles is an artist, musician, serial entrepreneur and visionary.

Greatly influenced by the band Queen, Lord Charles began writing his own lyrics when he was just 12 years old, before offering them to the publishing company Monitor/EMI.

While he had little success with Monitor/EMI, the

experience led him to learn to play the piano, in a bid to compose his own music – and in less than a year, he contacted the same record company, only to receive another knockback.

Of course, this led Charles to devise ways he could record his own music with minimal funds. Over time, he discovered software that allowed him to create electronic music. Next, a friend suggested he should buy a Yamaha CS1X synthesizer, which he did – and promptly fell in love with it. Influenced by the Godfather of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre, Lord Charles tried to emulate him.

In time, his debut album launched. Releasing it locally in 2009, it was released again under Charles’ own label in 2016, becoming available on popular music streaming websites the world over.

In the 2008 receession, Charles was leading the marketing department of a Czech company with a £10 million annual turnover. His crises management and ideas had a positive impact on the company – and it was the only Czech electronics firm with no financial losses during this period.

Gaining experiences in marketing, Lord Charlesdecided to start his own business – an eCommerce and promotional company – in 2010. His business was growing every year, with its average annual turnover increasing.

Charles decided to close his business in 2014 and gain new experience abroad. He moved to the United Kingdom, where he worked in a hospitality business to improve his language skills. He later started his own incubator company, where he developed his business ideas, in a bid to transform industries and ‘change the world’.

In 2017, he enrolled on an electronic music course at the SAE Institute in London, as well as a photography course at Westminster college, and a journalism course at the British College of Journalism in Oxford. It was during this time that he discovered a new creative direction, expanding his musical horizons by creating electronic music.

This motivated him to start work on his new album – 20 years after his original composition and EMI’s refusal of the five tracks he composed at age 17 for his EP album ‘The Composer’. Today, Charles is working on three brand new albums: an instrumental, a Czech-inspired one, and an English one.

During his stay in the UK, Charles also discovered the world of property investments and the stock and share market and became passionate about it.

His life is driven by his visionary ideas and drive to give people financial independence and freedom as well as the opportunity to positively change the world.

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