How to get free share up to $100 with Trading 212

If you have decided to change your lifestyle and start making money or just save for the future, or have recently started trading or are just about to install your first investment app, then you should consider the Trading 212 app.

It is one of the most popular investment apps in the UK. However, its availability is worldwide. Over 10 million downloads and a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store is a guarantee of quality itself.

Trading 212 offers the possibility to open three investment accounts. ISA if you live in the UK, general investment account and CFD account.

Investment account

If you decide to enter the exciting world of money, opening a general account is easy. You can trade stocks and ETFs with that. You can also create your own investment portfolio that will earn you money.

A big advantage of Trading 212 is free trading and the possibility to buy even fractional shares. In other words, if you decide to buy shares of, say, Tesla, which is currently trading around $800, you don’t have to despair that you don’t have it. Maybe with just ten dollars you can buy a piece of this revolutionary company or target any other. The choice is yours and there are thousands of options.

In order to buy any shares, you need to deposit initial capital into your investment account. For those with deep pockets, this can mean an insurmountable problem. And especially for them, but not only for them, any free share that increases the capital in the investment account comes in handy.

Free promotions

The procedure is simple. If you want free shares to your account up to 100 dollars, then just enter our unique promo code Fz1mX7Qo in the promo code section of the application. Trading 212 will then credit your account with free shares to trade as you see fit. That’s it, hold and wait for growth, or sell and buy better stocks that you think will improve your portfolio faster.

Although 100 dollars is not guaranteed by the application, every extra dollar counts and even with a lower amount you can do wonders that will help you become a millionaire over time. Fingers crossed.


To make sure you won’t waste all your money, Trading 212 of course also offers training accounts where you can test how the application and trading work. Once you get the hang of it and have the courage to start trading with real money, the account can easily be switched to real money.

CFD account

If you are no longer interested in trading ordinary shares and ETFs, there is nothing stopping you from opening a CFD account where, in addition to betting on the fall or rise of stocks, you can also trade forex currencies, indices or even commodities.

However, before you open a CFD account with real money, spend enough time on the training version. CFD is for experienced investors who know what they are doing and have a clear idea ​​how these instruments work. They have a general view and, of course, read and follow the news, which will help them better navigate the financial and stock market and make decisions.

A CFD account offers many more options and functions than trading traditional shares, so it could happen that without proper training you will be left with only weeping eyes watching your real badly managed portfolio.


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