Lord Charles Sends a Code to the World Via His New Album

The Czech-British artist, Lord Charles, is releasing his second album entitled The Code. The unique album, one of many released during his music career, boasts 12 new songs and the exciting new track, The Code. The new album will be released on December 4 on all popular streaming services.

The album is not called The Code just by chance, though. The album is playful, not only in terms of its music, but it also brings a kind of mystery, which will be welcomed by anyone who likes to solve puzzles. One of the songs on the album serves as a key to deciphering the encoded text, which listeners can have fun decoding on The Code song.

Lord Charles says: “I wanted to create something interesting that would move instrumental music somewhere else. When composing the individual songs, I thought about how to make the album more interesting, so I composed two songs in coding language. I hope that people will be quite curious and have the patience to decipher the song. I intentionally do not say which language the songs are composed in. I would like the listeners to figure it out for themselves. It shouldn’t be hard to figure it out.”

Lord Charles encourages music fans to get in touch via his website – www.lordcharles.eu. – with the decrypted message. He will then verify it and let them know if they are correct.

The Code was recorded during the first quarantine this spring and will be officially released four years after the debut album Imagination, despite the fact that the artist’s first album is 11 years old. In the meantime, Lord Charles also released the EP, The Composer.

Lord Charles adds: “No matter how the current coronavirus crisis is for some people, the lockdown has helped me a lot from an artistic point of view. I finally had time to do what I enjoy and make more than just new music. In quarantine, I not only finished this album, but also my Czech album, which is almost finished and on which I’m hopingto collaborate with Czech singers.”

The Code is a summary of Lord Charles’s electronic instrumental musical ideas over the last three years, as well as some reworked songs that could be found in his drawer from adolescence, such as Electronics No. 1 and 2. The new album plays with many musical styles, including electronic music.

While the song Electronics No. 1 was inspired by classical electronic music produced by Jean Michel Jarr, Daniella is inspired by the style of Robert Miles, while Muay Thai brings oriental elements and converts them into modern electronic compositions. Dragon Attack is a typical club acid track and Electronics No. 2 plays with strings and offers a classical sound.

Despite the fact that the album is full of electronic and dance music, each song is diverse in its sound, yet the album is uniform in concept. Each listener will surely find their favourite song.


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