The Composer – composed age 17, released 20 years later

Lord Charles, a European artist living in London will be releasing his new EP album The Composer 29.3.2018

Five piano tracks he composed at age 17 have waited for 20 years to be released.

Lord Charles offers this musical novelty on his birthday to all his fans and supporters of classical and modern music. At the same time, the album is also a precursor to his brand new full format album combining electronic and rock music which he is now working on with great intensity.

‘The Composer’ EP will be available at all the best known online stores and streaming services, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer and many others for one year only.

Lord Charles drew inspiration for his five songs from different areas and life situations.

‘A.I.D.S. Song’ is based on a farewell letter from the reader of a once-popular teen magazine about his positive HIV diagnosis.

‘Charlie’s Song’ was created by accident while trying to play one of Elton John’s songs, although his inexperience for learning to play through listening led to a brand new song that Lord Charles fell in love with.

‘Love until Death Do Us Part’ is a dark composition based mostly on bass lines, motivated by the breakup with his former love.

‘Chinese Whisper’ is based on Chinese Whisper is written in Ces Dur based on “es” keys reminescent of traditional Chinese music that slowly rises to a faster, almost dance-like rhythm that makes you want to move.

‘My Song’ can be considered as a typical track inspired by modern pop-rock music.

‘The Composer’ is the second album by Lord Charles, and is completely different from his previous electro-dance music album ‘Imagination’ which was released in 2009 in the Czech Republic and was rereleased in 2016 worldwide under his own label.

Lord Charles moved to London in 2014 with only 17 pounds in his pocket after a turbulent period in his life. He found a job, but privately he was looking for his life path, which he found in 2016 when he graduated in a Journalism course at the British College of Journalism in Oxford, a photography course at Westminster College, London, and an Electronic Music Production course at the SAE Institute in 2017. This was also when his musical break came, as the chance to record his own already forgotten compositions transpired. With the help of his professor, Christian Duka, who cared greatly about mixing and mastering the EP, The Composer was ready for release within a couple of days.

Although The Composer has nothing to do with electronic music it is a basis for Charles’ electro-rock or maybe steampunk creations.

Lord Charles says:

“When I heard what I had composed after so many years and basically forgotten, I was so excited about how good the songs were, and this led me to release them in their piano version only, because they’re definitely worth listening to.”

 “The Composer is also something that I can play live, unlike my first album, Imagination, which was basically just a computer production”

Lord Charles is looking for a singer and band players for his regular album so he can finish it and go on tour.

Written by: Lord Charles (Press Release)


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