skoda-kodiaq Latest Traveling 

122 years toward Škoda Kodiaq

Not everyone can say that Škoda is tied to him as I can. Not everyone has worked in their factories. Not everyone has ancestors who worked in the factory of this progressive car brand, which at the very least, created the history of the auto industry in Central Europe. And not everyone can say that his great-grandfather was master of apprentices in the 50’s until the time when the communist regime shut him down. He was called the father of apprentices. The Škoda Popular (1939) was the first Škoda I…

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burger Latest Review 

Burgers in style of 50’s with a presence of Elvis

Do you like burgers? – I do. Do you like American style? – I do. Do you like American rock ‘n’ roll? – I do. So, when I saw a newly opened restaurant at Aldgate East which has everything I just mentioned above, I had to visit it. The first thing that impressed me was the great American 50’s design. But I am not a person who wishes to spend too much money on food, and especially burgers, so I checked their prices first. When I saw prices at almost…

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virgin-easy Freelancing & Business Latest 

Future is hidden in multi-genre companies like Virgin or easyGroup

Future is hidden in multi-genre companies like Virgin or EasyGroup. Both companies offer great services in almost every single company they run. But meanwhile Sir Bronson is focus on his success with his Galactic project to be 1st public transport into the space, Mr. Stelios is focused on creating new brands like easyHotel, easyGym, easyCoffe etc. Unfortunately both gentlemen or better said their managements are forgetting to tie cooperation and interface their services across their companies to reach bigger customer base and generate higher profit from their current customers. Both…

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praha12 Latest Traveling 

What you must see in Prague in one day – from sunrise to sunset.

I love this city – so amazing – so romantic. Sooo cheap! It depends where you live of course. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely go. There are plenty of places you can visit and things you can do. If you don’t want to be like most tourists, who chaotically run around Prague in order to see only three or four icons which really must be seen in this picturesque city, you will want to go to places that you will probably not find in any guide….

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Ibiza by Lord Charles Traveling 

How to enjoy Ibiza before season

Job sucks, colleagues are annoying. This is the right time to go for holiday. Unfortunately 1 week before season, but who cares, it’s Ibiza and return ticket with Ryan Air was just for £40. Apartment was £182 for 5 days. I booked it around 2 month in advance. They called me 1 week before my flight that my apartment is too far and there is not too much fun in this period. They had free apartments closer to St. Antoni bay, so I got larger and better apartment for the…

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facebook-logo Freelancing & Business 

Facebook is still focus on censorship. Google could have a chance beat him.

Facebook (FB) is still focus on censorship of your wall. Recently Facebook had start to block some kinds of articles which FB considers as clickbait. Unfortunately this impact into showing of your wall and walls of your friends can be considered as a censorship. Problem of this intervention is that even regular articles are blocked. After changes when you are not able to follow everything what your „friends“ do, after blocking nudity what can be treated as a art in some way and someone can be interested in it. Instead…

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25 September 2010 - Hollywood, CA - Mayim Bialik. The 6th annual Pink Party held at Drai's W Holywood. Photo Credit: Kevan Brooks/AdMedia Latest Showbiz 

Amy from Big Bang Theory: „being naked… is freeing and awasome“

Mayim Bialik „the Big Bang Theory“ star wrote „being naked… is freeing and awesome“ on her blog Grok Notion in celebration of this National Nude Day that is 14th July and further she explains her attitude to this topic that might be seem controversial for any sort of people. Bialik calls people on to get encourage to talk about it. As a mother of two, her point of view on nudity is clear: „I don’t want my kids to grow up afraid of their bodies. I don’t want them to…

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