Portugal: a cheap camping spot for countless adventures

You may wonder why I travelled, with a heavy backpack, to Faro, where I spent the whole night walking around the city and waiting for a morning train to Lagos.

I slept for just five hours on a train from Lagos to Lisbon, during which I only remember the inspector. I spent a night camping, before, hungry and dehydrated, Igave up and ended in McDonald’s, before waiting for a morning train to Coimbra. I then spent half of the day looking for an exchange shop, without a chance to properly see the city.

Then, I journeyed to Figueira da Foz, and wanted to move on to Tocha village, the home of an old friend. I discovered that this part of Portugal is God‘s forgotten, with nopublic transport and just expensive taxis.

I felt like I was in the wilderness, without any knowledge of Portuguese, not to mention poor knowladge of the English language some locals spoke Thank God for Google Translate, as what I thought was going to be a beautiful adventure could have been a nightmare

Travelling around Portugal with a backpack, tent and sleeping bag is a demanding and adrenaline-fuelled,but with good planing it can be great.

You will welcome the cold Atlantic ocean on hot days and the country offers plenty of well-equipped camps. Here’s a roundup of some of the areas I recommend you visit:


the Algrave is great destination if you want to spend time on the beach, or enjoy a boating, jet or yacht trip.


An amazing city with so many sightseing opportunities, Lagos hasa large camp, but it is only accessible by car or bus. It doesn’t cost too much to get there though – and you could easily spend your whole holiday here. Of course, it’s a great city to explore. By ferry, you can visit the most beautiful beach in Europe, Sethúbal. Expect a little bit of walking before you arrive, though; it is about a one to two-hourjourney, but it is worth it.

Sintra – the most astonishing fairytale place I have ever seen so far, Sintra is a must-seeWith historical walls, castles, palaces and gardens in the mountains, you can expect thousands of tourists and traffic jams on the way to its many sights.

I explored its sights on foot and it was worth it. That said, entry to its sights is expensive, so have your wallet ready. There are also long queues.

Figueira da Foz

a seaside town with mountain views, there is a a well- equipped camp and thetown in the middle of between Lisbon and Porto. It is also roughly 20 minutes from Coimbra; you can travel toCoimbra easily from a few places locally. With a large beach, you can enjoy an active and reasonably cheap holiday here..


is another great city. I didn’t visit it, though, but it was my intention. I will be back someday.

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written and photography by Lord Charles


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