How to enjoy Ibiza before season

Job sucks, colleagues are annoying. This is the right time to go for holiday. Unfortunately 1 week before season, but who cares, it’s Ibiza and return ticket with Ryan Air was just for £40. Apartment was £182 for 5 days.

I booked it around 2 month in advance. They called me 1 week before my flight that my apartment is too far and there is not too much fun in this period. They had free apartments closer to St. Antoni bay, so I got larger and better apartment for the same price. Cool.

I had no idea how I could get to my hotel when I landed on Ibiza airport and I went for bus to St. Antonio bay. Unfortunately this line didn’t work. It is just season bus and I was there before. I didn’t I can take bus via Ibiza town and change the bus there, so I didn’t want to risk anything. I took a taxi. 20 minutes journey around £15. I can survive it for once. But I really don’t like wasting my money.

WP_20160321_13_20_39_ProWhen I came to hotel, receptionist gave me a voucher for free drink. That was great. Accommodation was really good. I think 5x larger than my room in London so I was really enjoying this largeness with double bed and sea view with terrace. The murming sea was heartwarming and giving me absolute calm on my soul to quit from the crazy job for a while.

The first day, tired from the journey I was just relaxing on hotel or around, made a shopping because it wasn’t classic hotel but apartment so you have to cook for yourself but you can cook what you want. I didn’t want to cook too much, so pizza was pretty good solution. I switched on TV and bouncing channels.

I could watch Spanish channels, any French ones, Italian ones, English speaking ones like BBC and to my surprise Russian ones. So I was watching and listening anyone’s music. I didn’t understand but the video clip was funny with half-naked man calling to fight or patriotism or something like that.

Also I noticed that most of attraction in the period were closed. So I had to create a plan what to do. And here are my suggestions what to do before season.

Explore cities

I explored hotel surroundings and St. Antoni de Portmany first day. Walk there took less than 1 hour from Bahia district along beach and among a lot of closed or renovation finishing shops and markets. Beaches empty, sea still a little bit cold, after all, it is 1st week in April, at least sun is shining. Of course, depends where you live. St. Antoni is not big city so it doesn’t take too long to explore it.

WP_20160322_13_54_18_ProEivissa/Ibiza town is a little bit better. You can spend there all day. I took a bus for 2Eur and spent all day in this island capital city. I was walking by streets, exploring shops and discovering new places. I visited castle with amazing sea view. I am not from coastal country so the view impressed me so much. I could imagine to live there. And the weather? No need to compare with London. You can spend some time in any cafe or restaurant and enjoy the relax.

WP_20160323_15_05_53_ProDuring my journey by car when I saw so many cities I decided to go to Santa Eulária one more time and spend there much more time. Sun was shining so I was exploring this very beautiful city and of course enjoyed sea view. I would say that the architecture is more interesting in this city than in other cities of Ibiza and it looks more expensive.

WP_20160324_15_42_45_ProWhen I went back to my hotel first day I found small shop with frozen yogurt. I could choose flavors I wanted, mix them up together and put one or more toppings. It was delicious. I was visiting them every day.

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WP_20160325_12_34_23_ProRent a car/motorbike/bike and explore. The island gives you countless opportunities for adventures. Formally I wanted to try jet-ski but unfortunately everything was closed so instead of it I rented a car. And to my surprise it was very easy. I asked receptionist of my hotel and she arranged the appointment. I paid 40Eur per day, no backups just copy of driving license and credit card. I could leave within 5 minutes. Time to explore island. It would not be possible without any map but anyway I was few times absolutely lost just like that.

I chose to go by mountains and secondary roads to enjoy island fully and it was the best decision. Waving roads were almost everywhere and the amazing view. I can image it could be much better adventure by motorbike. I went from St. Antoni to the south of the island, along Es Cubells, Airport to EivissWP_20160323_12_17_09_Proa where I was lost. I had to go the same road twice to get the right lane to Santa Eulária and Es Canar. Somewhere there I took a break on the beach with drink and savoring the tranquility. After I was continue the journey via Cala de Sant Vicent, Portinatx, very interesting place, Sant Miquel de Balansat. I wanted to go to Port de Sant Miguel, because there is a cave you can visit inside, but I didn’t understand the map too much so I was going one main road at least 4 times there and back when I became really upset so I cough it out and angrily went back to my hotel. So I didn’t see the cave. Receptionist told that somewhere on the north part of island is great view for sunset. Unfortunately I didn’t find it. Why is not the navigation on the roads in English? Everything would be easier. And on the north, there is a tourist road train like attraction. And yes. I missed it.

WP_20160322_16_23_16_ProHave fun. Fortunately or unfortunately only Pacha club is working all year. Other clubs are closed, so if you don’t live in Ibiza town or you don’t have a car it is a little bit problem to get to your hotel during night. There is night bus stopping in all important clubs and cities during season. But the night transport is a little bit problem out of season. When I was there, there was also any circus in Ibiza town. If you will be looking for any other fun, you can find it even out of summer holiday.

You can buy a ticket and visit Formentera island by ship.

Ibiza was great but a little bit more opened attraction would be fine. I definitely enjoyed my holiday but to be there during season it could be more funny with more girls.

by Lord Charles

images by Lord Charles


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