Electronic Dance Music Political Cartoon Story

Part 3

China silently observed its two rivals and took the opportunity to prepare for something bigger than these frog wars. There are better weapons then rockets; weapons that are easier to launch – and because Chinese engineers are great at copying things, Covid-19 had been copied, modified and launched from vampires.

Part 2

Donald got the call from his generals: The North Korean rocket is fast approaching its territory. There was no time to wait. Donald took seven-miles shoes, jumped out of the White House and ran around the globe to catch it. He crumpled it into paper ball…and full of anger, like King Kong hitting the Korean peninsula with his hand to show him who rules the world.

Part 1

Young Kim was so frustrated and angry that his engineers couldn’t launch their nuclear rocket. But as he says: if others are not able to do it, you need to do it by yourself. So Kim launched his rocket by his foot, doped by more than anger and sent his message to his ancient enemy, the US