Interview With Pornstar Nikky Dream

I had a opportunity to meet with beautiful, pleasant and smilly girl Nikky Dream. She visited London on her holiday. We met to each other in restaurant in Kensington. She drank her favorite tea and I drank cappuccino and during this session we were talking about her holiday, career and sex. And here is our interview and honestly my first interview in my life.

Lord Charles (LC): Hello Nikky

Nikky Dream (ND): Hello

LC: Thank you for accepting my invitation for an interview. You are on holiday in London. Have you been here before or it is your first visit? Do you like London?

ND: It is my second visit. Before when I was taking care of children I came once for a weekend only. Now I came for a vacation and same time to visit my friend who lives here. I haven’t seen her since 14 months. I like London, it is quiet cold here compared to Prague. It is great because back in Prague it is extremely hot. I like history so I walk around, watch, study and I simply enjoy my days off.

LC: That’s great. How long are you going to stay in London?

ND: I am gonna fly back on Sunday. I arrived yesterday, so 5 days.

LC: By the way do you like traveling in London public transport?

ND: Yeah, surprisingly I handled first journey by underground well, but I was afraid I would be lost, but I am a blondie so I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone.

LC: Yea, I understand. Obviously you are a smart blond girl. Have you had an occasion to visit any local club?

ND: I am not into clubbing that much but I have been to a Museum.

LC: A Museum? What kind of museum?

ND: Hmm, museum of art. There was art from all continents – clothes, statues, dishes, carpets… I’m more into such things than clubs.

LC: Let’s talk about your career now. When did you start to consider a porn actress job and when did you start finally?

ND: I didn’t consider this. Never!

LC: Never occurred it?

ND: Never… Even in the day when I was shooting my first video. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t think about doing that.

LC: No?

ND: No!

Pornstar Nikky DreamLC: How long have you been in this business already?

ND: Today is 26th? So it will be 11 months on 28th.

LC: 11 months only? Then you are really still a rookie, we could say.

ND: I am not an amateur more, but I am still a rookie.

LC: That’s great. Anyway I hope this interview will help you in your career growth.

ND: Yea, hopefully yes. We will see.

LC: How did you get to your name Nikky Dream?

ND: I came by sheer accident to Nikky dream, the same as to all shooting. I was in United Modeling agency, when I was filling out a form, there came a question what pseudonym I want to use. At this moment I really didn’t know what name I would like to have, how I would like to call myself. I regret it today, but I said to myself I don’t want my name to be associated to my real name. So the main agent, Jana Juraskova, came up with this name, she invented Nikky Dream. Today, I would already consider having a base of my real name in it at least. So my pseudonym wasn’t my initiative but now it is my life.

LC: I think it sounds very well on the international scene.

ND: A lot of my friends have started to call me Nikky. They let Karolina go. They have got used to it.

LC: What companies do you shoot most often for? And which one is your favorite?

ND: I like the most to shoot for Legal Porno either through United Modeling or Giorgo. I like not normal work but more action and there the work is extremely more action so that’s why I like to work for them. But of course there is a lot of companies I work for. I am not going to name them, there is many. And every work is atypical, each one is different and I love when I am everyday someone else.

LC: Do you travel for work even abroad or do you shoot only in Czech?

NC: I don’t travel for work. Work travels for me 🙂 or thus I travel between Prague and Brno, but I shoot for foreign production companies when they come to the Czech republic.

LC: Tell me what kind of scenes do you like to shoot most or what in porn and actually in sex do you like most? Is there any difference between coitus in front of camera and that one in privacy?

ND: Definitely there’s a difference.

LC: Except of the camera, of course 🙂

ND: Well, I can turn on the camera at home as well. J There’s a difference. When you are in front of camera you have to focus on many aspects. The point is how to turn yourself, where is camera, how is the light, how to give a groan correctly, when to do orgasm, when to stop it, when to run it conversely. It is more free at home but I am extreme maniac, smeghead, how my lover says, I am totally abnormal human, being romantic is nothing for me. I need proper action sex, long one. A five minutes sex, can’t satisfy me… No romance, I like when there is action in it. When it is action, when guys, boys aren’t afraid of it, they give me even a slap. I don’t like questions. Can I? I don’t like it. Do it and don’t ask. And I hate, I am not gonna do it, I am afraid I could hurt you. That’s the end. It never hurts in passion.

LC: That’s true. What type of guys do you like to cooperate in front of camera and what types excite you in privacy? With what type of man do you prefer to have sex?

ND: Well I have same type for everything, at work or in private life. Of course, there are actors I prefer than others but generally I like men, not boys. He needs to be a proper man, the best is 32 year old or more, muscular not a skinny one. And though I have always said I don’t like bald men that I like to rake their hairs so I have found out that actually it is exactly opposite way – I am crazy of bald ones.

LC: I guess I have a bad luck. 🙂

ND: Maybe it will be changed by time.

LC: So when you look at me, would you sleep with me?

ND: (little thinking) Maybe I would. You never know when it comes to.

LC: Tell me when did you start your sexual life? How many guys have you slept with? Privately and in front of camera

ND: So, the first question is very easy. It was exactly 24 hours before my 16th birthday. (note: Sex is legal from the age of 15 in the Czech republic)

LC: You remember it so exactly?

ND: First love will never be forgotten.

LC: That’s true.

ND: It was with my first “love” as we say. And how many guys I have had sex with? I don’t count work, it is work. But in my private life, at this moment I had 12 guys so far.

LC: I have to say you are a bit restrained.

ND: I am a little bit puritanical in private life. I will not cheat, although I don’t have who to cheat. It is very complicated.

LC: And in work? Could you count how many actors?

ND: So, let’s say I have done 160 scenes so far. I worked with some actors more times, there were more men in some scenes, so supposed in average with 150 men.

LC: That’s quite interesting.

ND: Somehow.

LC: Is there something, what guy impresses you with, how can he turn you on 100%?

ND: For sure by gentle stroking over my nipples. I have found out it works very well and after that, guys in shirt and tie always excite me. He can just shake his ass a bit and..

LC: Maybe I should change my today’s outfit. So the British gentleman is ideal type.

ND: And he’s got me. Men in suit with tie and when he is muscular, bald

LC: Nice, nice.

ND: A little hot 🙂

LC: We sweated

ND: Yes.

LC: Is there something that you didn’t do in sex yet and you would like to try whatever in front of camera or in privacy?

ND: Yes, I have never tried strip poker and just because I can’t play poker.

LC: I have not played that one too. What about latex, fetish, kinky, gang bang, bukkake. Attracts you something like that?

ND: I have tried these things already. I have been always attracted to a rape, not a real rape, but try playing a rape. I have tried it just recently. It is 3-4 weeks ago and it was massacre. It was really massacre. I had bruises until yesterday because I was tied a lot, but it was nice, it was interesting. It was done nicely, I liked it. So I made another dream come true

LC: My dream was to live in London so I live my dream.

ND: That’s correct. Everyone needs to have a dream. I always wanted to be independent, to live on my own and I have got it like that.

Pornstar Nikky DreamLC: Actually I want the same. When you come back from holiday, are you going to do some new projects, shooting?

ND: I am not doing projects. I am not in phase I would be inventing projects by myself, although I have some in my head but I will wait until it develops more, after all, I am still a beginner. But I go to work on Monday.

LC: What it will be? Legal Porno or anything new?

ND: No, no, it is a brand new unknown company for me. I just go there for a paid casting. But I would play extras in historical movie. The point there is nudity. And What I will catch this respectively next week is for a french company. It should be lesbian with fisting. So I have something there already after my holiday. So I am going back to work directly.

LC: That’s great.

ND: I will not sit on my sofa at home.

LC: Before your holiday you shot with Tarra White. What was it about?

ND: It was anal fisting plus big strap on dildo. It was very interesting work and I have to admit I really enjoyed it and I look forward to next cooperation with Tara. As all of us know, she is perfect porn actress and work with her is an amazing opportunity to learn new things.

LC: What is you most favorite sexual practice? You mentioned squirting.

ND: So that is work practice. At home I would be scared I would flood neighbors.

LC: Seriously?

ND: Sometimes it is really action.

LC: Is it natural?

ND: Ya, Ya, It is natural. But, when I had it the first time I got scared from myself, what is it? After that I remembered movie American Pie, when boys are talking about it, it is women’s inexplicable cum shot, so I realized what it is. And one good soul told me when I will learn to control it, it will be a benefit for me. So I have learned it.

LC: That’s great.

ND: Of course, at home, when it comes, it comes itself, so it works of course. Nevertheless, my most favorite sexual practice is when my lover covers my eyes, chains me and I don’t know what will happen. The point isn’t I would be beaten but the point is that I don’t know anything, I don’t see anything, I don’t feel anything and suddenly he passes with his hand over my body or with something else and it excites me, it excites me a lot.

LC: 50 shades of gray is phenomenon in last age. Have you seen the movie?

ND: I have read the books. I am a bit bookworm, it probably does not belong to porn. Everyone is individual. So I read those books. I looked forward to watching the movie, I visited the movie with excitement and If I would know how it will be I will not spent 160 Czech crown for the ticket. The book contains really a lot, it was really interesting. I read it in one breath. Especially the first book. The other two weren’t so interesting. But in the movie there is not even a third of what is in the book. I miss important, significant things how she is deciding, the movie ends absolutely absurdly, it is not possible to even compare it with the book.

LC: So the book is absolutely better?

ND: Definitely better. And especially the book contains what it really is about. Everything is written there. There is not almost anything in the movie. That scene when he has ripped jeans, he closes her in a red room, then she tells him to stop in the end, then he slaps her ass a few times… it is nothing compared to what is written in the book. But What I like is 50 Shades of Grey collection in sex shops. I have a few toys.

LC: Tell me what did you buy?

ND: Well, my favorite is my “Fíla” [feela]. This name is for my beautiful black strap on dildo. Then I have a lot of little vibrating even non-vibrating colorful stupid things as are love eggs, balls and atypical designed dildos.

LC: Have you visited any sex shop here in London?

ND: Not yet, I haven’t even seen any.

LC: I am not surprised. They are only in Soho.

ND: Which is?

LC: It is a district near to Piccadilly Circus and Oxford street.

ND: I am going to visit Oxford street tomorrow so I will go to have a look.

LC: It is not like in Czech, It is small, I would say, they haven’t too much things. They have some goods more interesting but not big choice. I think that Czech republic is definitely better in that direction.

ND: Although they invent useless things sometimes, I think. Sometimes when I walk in there, I am questioning myself, what is this for? My opinion is a lot of things in sexshops are for older generation of women, who are alone but I certainly do not think that sexshops (in Czech republic) should somehow lure younger generation, because… My female friend, in my age doesn’t know about a lot of thing. Some of them they come to me and ask me with wide eyes, and they don’t understand what I am talking about. It is more for the older ones.

LC: Do you think that the younger generation doesn’t have an idea about sex, they don’t know…

ND: They don’t know what’s going on. Therefore I say, my age range of men is 32+ because I know many boys in my age and I had something with several of them and it can not be compared.

LC: Big difference?

ND: Many of them act – I am the king, I can handle it and then one two positions – missionary , on a little horse and I’m done already. It is like cooking of spaghetti for me. Throw in water, close, spill out, done. 🙂

LC: Good simile.

ND: Sex has to be proper. This is sex as Tenderloin without cranberries

LC: It sounds very well. I thank you for the interview.

ND: Me too.

LC: Good luck in the future.

ND: Thank you

LC: Even for potential cooperation.

ND: We can make a deal.

LC: After all we are going to plan some parties. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a good flight.

ND: Thank you, take care.

Interview by Lord Charles, 27.8.2015, London

Images provided by Nikky Dream.


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