7 Ways How To Improve Your Erection

Do you need to get better erection but it is not working when you need it? I was looking for ways how to reach better erection in the short-term or long-term. Now, I am bringing you my results of exploration.

1. Water melon. Although it does not seem, it can help with your erection. It contains antioxidants: dyes beta carotene protects from cell aging, free radicals and toxins; Lycopene boosts immunity, protects body from infections, it has anticancer effects and protects heart and blood-vessels; Choline gets better falling asleep and quality of sleep; a large number of vitamins C and potassium contained in the fetuses of melon. Citruline contributes to better blood circulation and it changes for L-arginine that is served in artificial preparations as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Also it contains enough fiber to improve metabolism and helps with fat burning. Dc. Bhimu Patil from Texas A&M University said, „We found out that arginine in water melon increases the content of nitric acid that releases blood-vessels similarly as a Viagra.“ Even if water melon can help with your erection, it supports bladder, so be careful how much water melon you will eat before your sexual act. You really don’t want to pee inside your partner when your orgasm is coming.

2. Cockring. This sex toys wears at the root of penis to slow down flow of blood in erected penis tissue. You can ware it around your testicles when is called as Scrotum or testicle cuff together with cockring at the root of penis or lonely around testicles. The cockring target is prolonged erection and improving orgasm. You can use it for different purposes, whether for improving erotic games, for masturbation or for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You shouldn’t ware it more than 30 minutes. It may cause permanent damage to the penis.

3. Prostate massage. Many people, men or women believe that similar activity has something to do with homosexuality. Those people are wrong. Anus is full of sensitive blood-vessels that help to improve erection. You can tease male anal either on the outer side of the rectal dam, and or internal stimulation through the anus. Sometimes can happen that erection relents when you stick any finger or sex toy in. This is only temporary condition. Repeated stimulation returns erection to its solid form. Before you start with this activity, you should talk about it with your partner. The benefit of this practice is, you can enjoy your excitement as a man as well as woman can enjoy your harder penis inside her. Not to mention a better orgasm.

4. Bathmate: This is a revolution product as producer writes. This male sex toys can help you improve your erection. You can reach temporary better erection when you use Bathmate 1-2 minutes before you start sex or lifelong when you use it 3-4 months at least 15 minutes 3-4 times per week. This water pump using water pressure according to the claim of the manufacture can help to improve your erection, extend your penis up to 30% and increase your cubic capacity up to 40%, troubleshoot issues with premature ejaculation, solve problem with penile curvature, offering healthier prostate and eliminates problems with shrinkage of the penis due to sporting activities. You should act carefully and according to instruction. The manufacturer guarantees it is safe product but by wrong manipulation you can cause permanent injure if mishandling.

5. Change in diet. It is not any secret that quality sex depends on quality blood flowing. To kick-blood are the best foods contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are contained in mackerels and salmons. Omega-3 supports your nervous system. Vitamins and minerals can help as well. Both improve neurological functions that contributing to good blood circulation. As we wrote about water melon, there are another foods rich for L-arginine. There are oatmeal, peanuts, cashew, walnuts, dairy (milk) products, vegetable, garlic, ginseng, soya and different seeds. If you can’t remember it. Keep the one rule. What is good for your heart, is good for your penis.

6. Pills. If you prefer chemistry or you belong among people who don’t have any time for anything or you are just lazy change your habits you can solve your difficulties with erection with various preparations that promote erection, go ahead. Viagra is the most famous of them but there are many other around the world that can help improve your erection temporarily. Be aware your pills can’t solve your erectile issues in long term.


7. Sport. Whatever you want or not, sport is a way how to improve not only your erection but also your cardiovascular system. You don’t need to toil in the gym. Half an hour of brisk walking in the park will be enough or any other sport activity. Sport is one of ways how to feel better and get better erection if you are overweight. Overweight has negative effect not only for erection but trigger other diseases as a diabetes, high blood pressure and others.

Whatever you have any reasons for improving erection, enjoy it while you can.

written by Lord Charles

image by Pond5


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