Released: 2016

Imaginaton was created as answer for two refusal of big publishing company. With help of creative music software and popularity in music of Jean-Michel Jarre is this album influenced by his work.

Singer Alice Bauer sung three songs (Why Don’t You Love Me, A Parody On Jarre and New York City Is Built On Rock).

Track War Of Giants was incredible colaboration with children choir „Jiskřička“ (A Little Spark) they sung this song.

Album was creating many years from 2001 to 2006 and was released in 2009 via czech local online service. When this company went bancrupt album was released again under my own label worldwide on all best know streaming services and online sellers  in 2016

Imagination is available on these online services

Graphic Design: Lord Charles
Recorded: 3 Bees studio, Prague, Czech republic, 2006
International Released: 9.9. 2016