Astro dating, modern way to find your partner.

Summer is here and the season of summer time love and casual sex is on offer. But if you are not a supporter of the hook-up culture and desire something more permanent, you have another option – to find a partner by the stars.

No, you really don’t have to be Copernicus to discover your star life. Before you find it, you can enjoy a little bit of fun, and at the same time you can learn much about yourself. What do the stars say about you? What are your lucky numbers and lucky days? What is your horoscope for the few next days, weeks or months?

Aren’t you curious? Horozo – the astrological dating site, offers all of these insights in a modern and funny way. Although the postscript may discourage some of you, I can say from my personal experience that I have never had so much fun, such as getting in touch with single ladies here. – But let’s take it nicely in order.

Horozo offers many types of horoscopes, from classical zodiac for specific horoscopes, focusing on various areas, for example travel, business, beauty, sexscopes, and many others. There is also available love compatibility based on songs, planet information, or astrological elements that affect individual signs.

Zodiac Dating SiteHorozo is different from other sites, it is not just a standard website with horoscopes, but gradually it becomes a social network focusing on individual users and their dating habits and communications. Unlike many other sites, it is not focused on the amount of ‘Likes’, but works for you personally by helping you to get to know yourself and building your character.

Founder Edgaras Tkačenka says: “Competitive astrological websites provide information that is mostly copied from the internet. They create websites and just leave them as they are. Horozo is personalized and focused on the user.

I work on my website every day to produce new services that bring fun, and I am constantly improving the functionality of my sites. Current social networks and dating sites look like pages for hook-ups with a lot of fake profiles and rude people. I want to create a place where you don’t have to be fake or pretend you are unique, a place where you can be yourself.”

The website offers 16 personality tests so you can find out from the results who you really are. Test results are added to your account in your profile and create a higher chance for you to have a better match with a potential counterpart. Although single test abbreviations will not say anything to you, they are described very well in detail when you click on them.

The real fun comes from interaction with other users. The funniest part of this is when asking ready-made prepared questions to your potential partners. You will find people you like in the search page and then you can send a question.

If your request is accepted by the other side, you will get an answer and also a question you need to answer. This cross examination can take hours and is unreal entertainment. Simultaneously, it allows you to get to know your potential partner – questions available range from trivial, more serious, to sexually sensitive.

You can give ‘Likes’ to those people who capture your interest. If your ‘Like’ is returned you will receive a ‘Match’ notification with the person concerned. This opens up the option to write a personal message and establish a closer contact.

Horozo can be described as a combination of an astrological site, a social networking site and a computer game. The more you play, the more ‘Karma’ points you get. The more you are involved in interactions, tests and other activities the sooner you collect the necessary ‘Karma’ points, they open up ways into new levels or functions and services that keep you focused on creating your profile, keeping you well entertained and allowing you to get to know yourself.

‘Karma’ is an important part of the website as you will not get anywhere without it. It is the motivator that keeps you sufficiently entertained and in interaction with other people from around the world.

Horozo is undoubtedly a promising project that will bring you the right start in your lives, and also new upcoming functions and services such as palm reading and natal charts, which are composed of astrological information about your birth – and an astrological school with levels, prices and exams.

According to Edgaras, palm reading is scary for many people, but he says even those people were surprised by his abilities. He explains how it began: “I started to read my own palm and I became interested in the subject. I checked sources on how much of a percentage is true. I have learned a lot, and I wanted all of that information personalized and expanded in one place. I found that I can find sensitive spaces even in arrogant people, and discovered their real personality regardless of how much they try to hide it.”

Whether you only open the site at random, or you become a regular user, it will become a part of you and your personality. And who wouldn’t like to find out who they really are?

written by Lord Charles

image by Pond5

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