Tomahawk (part 3) – Chinese Whisper

A Bold Musical Satire


1. Tomahawk (part 3) - Chinese Whisper

About Album

Tomahawk 3 – Chinese Whisper”: A Bold Musical Satire

Lord Charles’s latest single, “Tomahawk 3 – Chinese Whisper,” is an instrumental electronic dance track that delivers a powerful atmosphere. While the cartoonish artwork aims to infuse humor into a serious global issue, it may be seen as controversial by some. The song’s provocative tone, infused with humor and boldness, challenges listeners to engage with its unique and daring artistic expression. With pulsating electronic beats and a satirical edge, this track stands out as a thought-provoking addition to the Tomahawk series.



Artist: Lord Charles

Labels: Lord Charles Entertainment, Single

Release Date: January 03, 2020

People: Lord Charles