The Composer

‘The Composer’ is my second album. Although it is only in EP format, it contains five tracks, and is also the precursor to my new standard album, which I am working on whilst endeavouring to advance my musical career.

I composed these tracks when I was 17 years old after almost one year of private piano lessons. A big publishing company refused the songs, and now 20 years later, they will be released worldwide on my own album under my own label.

‘The Composer’ is played as pure piano music because the tracks are rewarding to listen to in that context. Some of these songs will be available with vocals included in a more contemporary arrangement on my regular album.


Music by: Lord Charles, 1998
Album will be released 29.3.2018 worldwide for only 1 year.
Photography: Erika Horňáková
Graphic Design: Michal Hořínek
Mix & Mastering: Christian Duka

Album will available from 29.3.2018 on iTunes,,
Google Play
, Spotify, SAAVN, Shazam and many others stores around the world. Personal SoundCloud profile.

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