Lord Charles did not discover his love of photography until 2016, mainly thanks to Instagram. Due to a lack of photos he could post, he decided to invest in a DLSR camera and start shooting. Because Charles wants to be professional in all areas, he tried to offer his first pictures to a photo bank; of course, without success.

This motivated him to improve himself and he became interested in the details of photo composition and camera settings. He took a course in photography at Westminster College and graduated in 2017.

Just as his passion for travel, photography became one as well. It also became the logical way for him to document his travels. Apart from street photography, he enjoys photographing models. He began to collaborate with the Czech model and singer Jana Kadeřávková, known under her artistic name ‘Vanilla’. On his first photo project, “Vanilla na hřbitově” (Vanilla in the Cemetery), he tried to combine his favourite topics, gothic style and nude art in one project.

He also began to collaborate with the Texan model Amanda Kee, with whom he had the privilege of working with in an alternative way, using ‘cosplay’ style. You can see the results and pictures from his travels on his special Photo web: As a creative and also slightly crazy artist, he has started to work on other specific photo projects (coming soon)