Greatly influenced by the band Queen, Lord Charles started to write his own lyrics when he was 12 years old. He offered his lyrics to the publishing company Monitor/EMI, but without success.

This experience led him to learn to play the piano so that he would be able to compose his own music. Less than a year later he offered his lyrics and music to the same named publishing company, but this method did not match with their publishing concept either, and once more he was unsuccessful.

These setbacks led Charles to think of ways he could record his own music with minimal funds, then over time he discovered software that allowed him to create electronic music. A friend recommended that he should  buy a Yamaha CS1X synthesizer, which he did, and fell in love with it. He was influenced by the Godfather of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre and tried to emulate him.

And so his debut album was gradually created which he then released himself via a Czech online distributor in 2009. But the seller went bankrupt two years later, and the album became unavailable until 2016, when it was released again under Charles’ own label and became available worldwide on the best known music servers.

In 2017, he enrolled on an electronic music course at the SAE Institute in London where he had already been living for some time. He discovered new directions, and expanded his musical horizons through creating electronic music. This motivated him to start to work on his new album. 20 years after his origin composition and EMI’s refusal, the five tracks he composed at age 17 for his brand new EP album ‘The Composer’ will be available for one year as the precursor to his new standard album.