Future is hidden in multi-genre companies like Virgin or EasyGroup. Both companies offer great services in almost every single company they run. But meanwhile Sir Bronson is focus on his success with his Galactic project to be 1st public transport into the space, Mr. Stelios is focused on creating new brands like easyHotel, easyGym, easyCoffe etc. Unfortunately both gentlemen or better said their managements are forgetting to tie cooperation and interface their services across their companies to reach bigger customer base and generate higher profit from their current customers.

Both companies have more brands in different fields that could implement one another. Even though size of their businesses are different as well as target group of customers, their business model is very similar.

Generally better position has Virgin with VirginMoney where you can use some benefits and discounts in their other companies like VirginCruises, VirginTrains etc. Unfortunately if you become customer of VirginTrains or VirginActive you will not get any other benefits from other Virgin companies. Richard Branson’s company which is for more demanding customers from my point of view as their client I would imagine better benefits across his group.

EasyGroup has a little bit worse position. Their easyMoney just compares and resells offers of banks. EasyJet offers membership where you can get some benefits in lounges in airports or better conditions to rent a car. But I didn’t find any other membership benefits in their other companies and services which is pity, because low-cost services could be very attractive. Especially in some parts of Europe.

If I compare their attitude in businesses they have same which are airlines, hotels, holidays like a customer I like their options to book the flight with hotels or choose any holiday offer. Unfortunately it is nothing special in comparing with other airline companies. I would imagine much more they could offer and how, especially if both of them provide a quiet lot of services in other companies. EasyGroup resp. EasyJet could offer more with crossing their services in Europe. Virgin could do the same in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately both companies ignored my email with questions about their targets and synergies. It is a question what those companies want to achieve. If they will focus on interface their businesses and client base they could get ahead of all competitors in their segments. Very likely they could change some segments and become real leaders and companies that are creating segments not just being a part of developing markets.

Both companies have a chance to beat some businesses like hotels or travel agencies alike and step by step create incredible environment for their customers living in brand community and their great services. If they will move forward in this direction they could change behavior of clients and change a few business segments or totally bury any of them.

written by Lord Charles

photo by Lord Charles