Charles’ business spirit presented itself at high school when he tried to sell calendars which he bought at a sale to his friends and schoolmates with a one hundred percent margin.

The Internet became his passion later, and although he learned only HTML and CSS coding, certain continuity with those modern technologies has remained. He opened his promotional agency and online store in 2009 where he sold promotional items and gifts.

It seemed he might be successful, turnover grew every year, but in the fourth year he was forced to close his business. He decided that this was the right time for a real change in his life, and he moved to London with 17 pounds in his pocket. He got a job and started again. He founded a new company and started to sell on Amazon, which proved to work well for him? Alongside that, he has developed his activities and crazy ideas in other sectors.

As a creative and founder, he tries to help other creatives around the world realise their projects via his own venture, London Creative Lab.net. He is working on his dreamed-of skyscrapper and developing other creative and online projects.

Unlike most people, he considers business as a path to personal independence and making a better world rather than a path to wealth.

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