I am writer, blogger and journalist. I write about traveling, business and I can write Public relation articles as well. You can hire me for your purpose for your magazine or company.

  • Traveling
  • Business & Franchise companies
  • Opinions related to Business and Politics
  • Marketing & Brand strategy
  • Reviews

I always liked writing and it was just a question of time when I realize option to be a freelance journalist. And it took a quite long time but it’s never late to start.

I studied Professional Freelance Journalist Course at British College of Journalism at Oxford where I learn how to write not just my thoughts professionally. I have imagination how British and worldwide journalism work and I work on to get in.
Concurrently I work on my fantasy book I started to write a quite long time ago. But I believe it could be great when I finish its.

I am also available for writing of marketing materials (copy writing,  leaflets, PR and others) for your company.

My Qualification

Diploma for Freelance Journalism course at British College of Journalism
Diploma for Basics of Journalism course (ČTK) (Czech Press Office)
Diploma for Social Media in Journalism (ČTK)